Friday, August 28, 2009

"miss cracroft, miss cracroft..."

i'm not sure when i'll be used to being called miss cracroft,
but it has officially become official as this was the
i'm loving 2nd grade, and our class is adorable!
this week we had our students write us a letter so we could get to know them better. i LOVED this one...

           Dear Miss Cracroft,
                You are the coolest, most nicest student teacher ever. I wish Miss Cracroft was going to be my student teacher in 3rd grade. Miss Cracroft and Mrs. Buchman are my favorite teachers. My favorite teacher died, so you are my new favorite teachers.
                                                                                                   Sincerely, Xander

i'm not sure how i feel about my first mug gift. i think that ages me about 20 or 30 years.
...but i do LOVE gifts. :)
this was our getting-to-know-you activity this week... and i'm pretty sure every kid thinks it's "SO COOL" that i have an iPod. i love 8 year olds.

back to school!
"good. great. grand. GET ON THE BUS!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

welcome to the family...

... miss KONA!!
cousin Pepper!!
hahaha... and cousin Caitlin!

umm, she liked to hide under the car when she didn't know anyone... 
glad that phase is over already!

you're lookin at one nervous, but EXCITED new mother!!
here's to the next ten years!

Monday, August 3, 2009

bring on august...

alright, i'm sad that july came and went, BUT there's a lot about august that rocks too... august is the month when all of the fun festivals begin, the races are run, and, uhh, school begins?? (grrrr!) 

this weekend, jonny was a part of the Park City Arts Festival which is by far the most prestigious art festivals in Utah. we are SO proud of him for making it. on Sunday, the whole family went to party with him and show him our support. and we had a BLAST! 

poor Caitlin got woken up from the car drive, so she cuddled up in my arms while we were waiting for the shuttle... she is such a doll!
once we got on the bus, she started coming out of it...
(but notice her grouch face. ha.)
and then as soon as we saw the kids art area, she perked right up.
i wish i had a picture of this fountain - it was incredible! completely kid powered and the perfect way to stay cool on a 100 degree day.
oh hello!
and let's not forget cute will! totally afraid of the water fountain, but completely content just sitting and watching.
and his CUTE nans!
caitles got every single pink SNOWIE flavor, making it a bubblegum, cherry, strawberry-lime treat, and she was pretty proud of that tongue.
and the youngest addition to the nieces and nephews who is a total babe!!
oh, and of course, the entire reason we made the Sunday venture! Jonny did a great job this weekend, and i highly recommend you check out Jonathan Cracroft Photography!