Wednesday, December 16, 2009

better late than never...

so, i was a little late getting on the "I'm thankful for..." boat at Thanksgiving. probably because i was squandering  in my most recent Lala Land that i call the 
"whatamidoinghere schoolisofthedevil" masters program. 
this semester has been by far the most challenging/frustrating/rewarding/you-insert-adjective-here semester. but, folks, I survived! and life is about to go on! i'm off to NYC for a much needed vacation tomorrow! thank you, me! (you are welcome!) 
as I've been coming out of my fall semester trance, i have really begun thinking about all of the things that i'm thankful for. mostly, that includes the people who keep pulling me through and cheering me on through life. regardless of the challenges that are just part of living, life is SO worth every struggle, every frustration, and every heartache. and all because of the people who bless my life...

Here's a list of things i'm grateful for...

1. caffeinated beverages... with or without vanilla
2. fun trips, and FUN people
3. the people at Oakridge - mostly this amazing woman!
okay, and... 
4. my CUTE students who, regardless of the hair
that i've pulled out of my head and the sleep that i've lost, i adore! 
(i'd post pictures of them, but i think that's highly illegal, and i'm grateful for my freedom!)
5. one of the best friends in the world!
6. friends who i can ALWAYS be myself with
7. Brinley Jayne...
8. my health... and my running addiction (who would have ever thought)
9. the most AMAZING mother in the whole world
10. this boy who makes me laugh - especially when i don't feel like it
11. my favorite person in the world!
and most importantly...
12. the 9 most incredible people i know!
(that includes elder bro)
these people are the soul purpose for my life.
I love you guys!!
happy holidays, all ya'll!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

happy holidays...

... from the CRACROFT CREW!!