Thursday, April 14, 2011


4 days
until i'm reunited with this rascal!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the no-sugar challenge: part 2...

people... I MADE IT!
no sugar for 30 days.
(minus a few cheat days i gave myself. sundays. birthdays. a girls gotta live a little.)
i'm feeling good.
to be honest, not as awesome as i thought you were supposed to feel, but i think we always dream these things to be bigger than they are.
i think the greatest thing i gained from this self-challenge was a little self-control.
it felt good to be offered a little sugar and be able to just simply say, "no thanks" rather than go off on some tyrannical and self-righteous rant about how i'm "sacrificing SO much" by not letting myself eat sugar (i was worried i'd do that).
that's why i'm back on here - recommitting myself for another month.
i was proud of my self-control.
and i want to continue that.
i think this has become bigger than just focusing on my health.
it's become about harnessing desire and being in control.
i like that.

so... commence month 2.