Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dear, oh dear...

Dear America,
Way to stay true to your values and resist from voting Satan Lambert into Idolhood. I was questioning your sanity, but no longer!

Dear Tuesday and Wednesday Nights,
What do I do with my time now?  If I can no longer linger in the artistic vocal stylings of my dawg, I might have to start getting serious about life. Please don't do that to me.  

Dear School,
Do you really have to be THAT expensive? 

Dear Cabin,
Thanks for welcoming us back with such open arms! Can't wait till next time...

Dear Lake Powell,
I can hear you calling, but nobody will answer for me. Speak louder! Maybe someone will hear how much you need me.

Dear Time,
Why can't you be consistent? Sometimes I don't have ANY of you, but then other times I can't get you off my hands!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

welcome to the world... BRINLEY JAYNE!

May 7, 2009

Congrats to her cute parents!
...I love you guys!

mahalo nui loa...

...and Alooooooha!

Last week, I ventured "home" to spend a little relaxation time and celebrate the end of my first semester as a Grad student with my old bedmate (yes, yes, we shared a bed) Erin. I was lucky enough to take Keither with me to celebrate his quarter-of-a-century birthday. We had a blast getting caught up with old friends and kickin' it on the shores of the 808 state.

The most beautiful day at Sunset!
"Welcome Home Lindsey!"
Our first day "vagabondaging" up and down the North Shore on TheBus... Hawaii's most excellent transportation service. 
Whoop whoop.
And thennnnn... dun dun dun!!
I fulfilled a 3 year dream of skydiving over Oahu's North Shore... 
Thanks Keither, for being my jumping buddy.
A little pre-jump practice...
thuggish ruggish
Here's to signing away our lives...
Erin was our awesome audience and photographer...
Packin' it up...
Bye bye
Now THIS is freedom
Our "we survived" embrace...
Skydiving was seriously the most amazing thing I have ever done. And my dive master was the man. He sent us out of the airplane at 14,000 feet doing a triple backflip. Yep. Amazing!

KC & LC waiting for TheBus
The foooood we ate...

The friends I love...

And I can't forget Scuba Steve and the SeaHorse that my cute mom gave us before taking off. We put these suckers to good use. Poor Scuba Steve got water-logged, and had a hard time flipping his fins.

Nothing beats a day of playin' in the sand.

Pure heaven!

Thanks for the fun week, Errrrn.
I love ya, sister!

Dew ya feel a little Jolley?

Congratulations, Jolleys!!

On May 5th, my bestie Sarah Beth tied the knot with the love of her life. It was such a beautiful day! I'm happy for you, Sarah Beth. You were absolutely gorgeous!

Sarah's Maids-of-Honor. All friends of Sarah's from different places
yet we all get along like we've been friends our whole lives.
And a shot with the beautiful bride...
It was such a beautiful day at Temple Square. Being a flower freak, I couldn't help but take note of all of the gorgeous flowers and blossoms. There's nothing better than May weddings.
Lovin' our bouquets...
Hangin' with the single fellas...
Our pretty bouquets
Sarah, you will forever be my hero with this cake shove. It's no mystery why 
we are such good friends

I LOVE you, SBJ!!
Congrats on such a beautiful day!

Love, LC

Sunday, May 3, 2009

my five year plan... complete!

Since before I could remember, I've been a sucker for Broadway musicals. I guess I can thank my mom and dad for raising me on Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. Well, long, long ago, somebody amazing (I don't remember who it was) gave me a copy of the most incredible Broadway music I had ever heard, and I wish I knew who to thank. It was a story all about the witches from Oz way before Dorothy came into the picture. 
At the time, the show had only been on Broadway for a year or two. I was only 17, and poor as a... well, as poor as I am today. I would have done anything to get a flight to New York and tickets in the very back of the balcony to see this show. But alas, zero dinero in the bank.
A couple of years later, I got wind that Wicked was playing in San Francisco. Flights to San Fran from the 801 weren't too expensive, and the tickets to the show were somewhere in the $250 range. I figured I could splurge and spend $500 dollars of my hard earned Ruby River cash, if I took every shift for the next 5 years. Well, I didn't really want to work at Ruby River for five years, and was sort of hoping to spend a little quality time in Hawaii. 

Well, fast-forward 4 years. I'm sitting at work at the good old Kingsbury Hall and I'm looking through a flyer we had from Broadway Across America. And much to my surprise... WICKED!!!! 
Coming to Salt Lake City in 2009!! 
OMG. OMG. OMG. was all I could think. I HAD to go. Well tickets didn't go on sale to the public for another 7 or 8 months, aaaaand to make a really long story short... I bought tickets.
And four months later...

It arrived!!!

Yes, it was the best night of my life! Thanks, Mom. For sharing in my 5 year plan.
(Boo! AH!)