Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the great disappearing act...

i definitely thought i'd have more time during the summer to waste time on this silly blog
that only my grandmother reads,
but as it turns out
i'm just enjoying my summer too much
to think twice about it.
so, Nana... i apologize.

catch-up time...
the school year ended with a bang!
down to the very last bell, i was still in teacher mode,
disciplining naughty behavior and chasing kids out the door screaming
"Waaaaait! Come back! School's not over yet!!!!"
and i admit, i was sad to see my little munchkins go.
and yes.
i cried.
but a few deep breaths and a box of Kleenex later,
i was back in business.
and people, can i just say...

i seriously heart summer!

here's what we've been up to in the 801:

the Virginie's are in town for 4 whole weeks
and we've been busssssy!
we've painted fingernails...
visited the zoo...

run races at unholy hours...

played at the park...

needless to say,
the previous 9 months of complaining and loss of sleep
have already been made up for.
and there's still 2 months of it left...

...i think i can get used to this!