Wednesday, May 19, 2010

imma be a career woman...

i got the job!!!
if you know me well, you know that i've been stressing
and stressing
and stressing
about getting a teaching job.
with layoffs left and right, lack of funding from those beastly legislators, and a sudden influx of teacher candidates, it ain't your grandmama's job market no mo'!
tuesday was a big day for me as i set off to interview at what i've learned is the BEST school in the state...
this morning, i got the call from the district office offering me a contract to teach
(am i a little excited? yeah, just a little...)

And now presenting:
my future home!

and quite possibly the coolest part...
Eastwood has the BIGGEST field in the history of Elementary schools.
i can't wait for faculty softball games!!

THANK YOU, to everyone who was praying for me!
I couldn't have survived without your love and support.
...I hope you're ready to babysit the class pet!

Monday, May 10, 2010

moving day...

upon moving back home last year due to student teaching and a lack of time to work, therefore unable to bring home the rental bacon, i promised myself that i would move out as soon as student teaching was over.
well folks... it. is. OVER!!
so for the last week, i've been busy putting together a new room at my new house.
no, i didn't buy a house of my own - my cute ex-roomie, Ash, used her expert persuasive skills to get me a room in her darling house. and now, the ex-roomie is once again my favorite roommate.

we had to rent a U-HAUL due to the sparse number of
truck owners in any close proximity.
and for the record:
i have the coolest brother in the world...
driving the big rig
he was scared.
a little girl driving a big dawg...
i was scared too.
and now PRESENTING...
mi casa neuva
i got me a new bed
(and i LOVE my windows!!)

the living room
and the kitchen!
and there you have it.
Miss Independent is once again independent.