Saturday, November 29, 2008

weekend madness...

The weekend was a party! Here's a recap of what down at 2149:

Parkie Poo made it official and received his endowment Friday night, and the whole dang family got to go - minus me. So, I volunteered to watch my two favorite people in the world while their parents joined in the fun. Caitles, Will, and I made pizza and watched Wall-E... twice! And then Caitlin stole my camera and had her own little photo sesh. She took a picture of everything in my house. And then she came up to me and said, "Will you take a picture of me? I want to say cheese." So this is what the finished product was. 
My favorite moment was when we pulled up to my house (which she's never been to) and said "Is this your house? Oh, cuuuuute." Awww, I just love her!

Friday Night
After the kiddos were picked up by their parental units, Me, Sarah, and a couple of our friends took a trip down to see the lights. 
Opening night = Crowded!! Whoa... Not recommended. But it was so pretty. Love that place, and love this girl!

Sarah and I got together with a bunch of her high school friends and reenacted our first playdate with each other at Energy Solutions! We partied it up with the Jazz as they sacrificed their winning streak to the Nets... of ALL teams. Seriously. 

Last year, Sarah and I went to the Jazz game and had 5th row seats, right behind the basket... We won a whole bunch of garb, made BFF's with the ushers, got our pic taken on the court, post-game, and were on the jumbotron... twice! And this year...

...yeah, not so much!

Yeah, it was a good weekend. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

22 in review...

(Disclaimer: Sarah, i'm fully aware that I stole this from you. The credit is all yours...)
10 full days at 23 years old and the ticker's still tickin'. 

Here's 22 in review!

Funniest memory while 22:
Playing Xtreme Karaoke with the Barkers, Christmas 07!
I'm still laughing! 

Best decision made while 22:
To get my butt in gear and become a runner! 4 races in 1 summer had me high as a kite. Best legal drug out there - Endorphins!

Favorite hobby while 22:
Learning the master and art of floral design...

Worst decision while 22:
Forgetting to laugh, everyday!

Favorite memory while 22:
Staying up all night with J&T on Till's couch, laughing about everything!
The marrieds vs. me - oh my!

Best decision made while 22:
Graduating! and returning to the 801!

Most valuable lesson learned while 22:
There is no set path. Just follow your heart!

What'd ya got, 23? Bring it!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

the return of my obsession...

... with TWILIGHT!

Yes, it's back. Last summer, when the books were getting really popular, I became your typical fanatic, running to the closest Borders and spending $50 on all three books, and I could be found various places around my apartment having a romantic love affair with Edward and Jacob at random times during the day. And with the release of the movie this weekend (saw it twice in 36 hours), that obsession has returned. I have to admit, I never finished Eclipse (the 3rd book - for those of you normal people out there) and I haven't read Breaking Dawn (the 4th). So... I pulled out the books again, and here we go. However, I'm reading it with new eyes this time around because I must admit, I thought that Edward was so freaking inconsistent and Jacob was this dark dream boy. Well, I guess I didn't understand exactly why Edward was the way he was, and now I think that Jacob is annoyingly pushy. So, round 2 has been way more exciting... and doubly oober romantic. Mmmmm, Edward, you melt me.

At the 12:30 am premiere with Amanda. Yes, we had a party, and yes, we made buttons.
Getting pumped... in my soccer mom sweat suit.
And this is what my bed-stand looks like now. 
I no longer read just one book at a time. And yeah, the scriptures are on top for a reason.
(pictures courtesy of Miss Amanda... Mahalo!)

"... You are my life now!" (sigh)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

america's back...

This was me at Costco today... 
$17.93 for 9 gallons.
That's worth singing Hallelujah!

the bag tag...

thank heavens for hobos...

...bags, that is.

a wallet, Costco receipt, orbit gum, Chapstick, lip gloss, some writing utensils, my broken keychain, and don't forget the Gold's pass. T-t-t-tag... you're it.
...what's in your hobo?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

fourth and fourth...

I never do tags, but this one was tag-worthy.

Rules: post 4th photo from the 4th album and do your best to explain...

Well... night, Keith and I decided we would cook dinner for my parents. We came up with the most delicious recipe for 5 Cheese Ziti Al Forno, and made the trek up to SLC to create this amazing meal. While I was busy cooking away, Keith went a little camera crazy, and as I was pulling a sassy pose, the camera took a little tilt south and here you go. The most provocative shot of my modeling career.

I tag all ya'll.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

midnight nuggs...

Have you ever noticed that making the midnight nugget run to Wendy's is always a gamble? A gamble on the crispiness and/or temperature of your nuggs and fries? I came to this realization tonight as I made my way out of the Wendy's drive-thru. Eager to satiate my craving, I reached my hand into that little white bag and fished around for that tiny yellow carton holding my much anticipated fries. As I clenched two of them between my fingers and whipped them into my mouth, I immediately spit them out simultaneously with an exasperated, "Eeeeewwwwwww!" Instead of those nice, crisp "fresh from greasy fryer" fries, I got the cold, soggy "fresh from the garbage" batch. So, I decided to cut my losses and searched next for that old high school favorite of mine... the chicken nuggets! As my fingers came upon the first nugget in the batch, it felt warm and crisp. This got me excited! Finally, the "Always Fresh" part of Wendy's that I was expecting. But with the same results, I pouted in submission a depressing and disappointed "Ooohhhhhhhh," as the nugg hit my lips no more crisp than its fry counterpart. 

If it weren't for the ALWAYS faithful frosty, the night could easily have been a total waste. Thank you, Wendys, for reminding me why it's only on those cold, starving mid-nights that I consider gambling my hard-earned $3.59 on your $.99 Value Menu...

"Never Fresh. Always Frozen."

Monday, November 10, 2008

happy birfday...

Sarah Beth Dewey!!
Happy 22nd!!

Top 5 Reasons I Love This Girlie...
1. She'll drink RedBull with you and never leave your side at those awkward parties nobody likes to go to.
2. She'll sit through countless hours of your graduation and not complain once.
3. She'll tell you when those jeans really do make your butt look big.
4. She'll drop everything just to listen to you complain about your bad day.
5. Girls Night Out is never the same without her.

...Love you, Darling!

girls just wanna have fun...

Nothing beats little girls and curlers...

Love you, Bug!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

my dears...

Dear Fall...
It was nice having you. Please come back... please! But if you don't, then:
Dear Winter... 
Make sure you snow lots in the mountains and only little in the valley. 

Dear Barack...
Congratulations on your win. Please keep your promise and save the middle class... I'm starving.

Dear Barbacoa Burrito Bowl...
oooh, mylanta! My stomach!

Dear Kingsbury...
Thank you for supplementing my November's income. I couldn't have paid the Honda off without you.

Deer Valley...
Why are you letting Snowbird open first? If you don't hurry, I'm going to take my services elsewhere.

Dear Brain...
Please shut off. Thank you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

more Cracroft news...

Congrats, Elder Cracroft!
Washington, Tacoma Mission
December 31, 2008