Saturday, February 19, 2011

it is currently 12:19 on Saturday afternoon. i am supposed to be picked up to go the ballet in an hour, but what am i doing? sitting on my bed. in my pajamas. haven't hardly moved for the last 3 hours that i've been awake.
i can't remember the last time i've done this.
but can i just say
4 day weekends are heaven.
enough said.

Friday, February 11, 2011

just because...

i haven't posted anything for a while, and i just found this cute picture that my cute "older sister" Court sent me recently.
in her message she said, "we're still cute, but i'm not so sure we could pull off the unitard look anymore."
i don't know Court, i think we should at least give it a try...

happy friday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

the diary of a midget wrangler: part 1...

i don't know what it is this week,
but my little minions have been on a roll.
they have been saying things that i can't help but laugh out loud about,
they have been drawing things that crack me up,
and they are apparently having relationships with each other that go behind my back...

exhibit a:
i found this gem on the floor the other day after school...
(please notice the faces on these stick figures before you scroll to the next photo)

exhibit b:
i'm so glad my students notice the bright colored nail polish that i've been rockin'.
oh, and apparently the purple contacts too...
exhibit c:
this child needs to be taught the difference between blonde and brunette.
or perhaps she's hinting at something...?
and exhibit d:
how could you not fall in LOVE with this guy?
my dream-boy has finally come along...
and lest we forget their candid verbage:

savannah: (at the end of a very stressful day) Miss Cracroft, have you found a man to love yet?
me: Oh Savannah, i sure have been looking. Do you know anyone?
savannah: ohhhhh yes!
(she's currently working on setting us up)

me: (working on the vocabulary word prefer) Colton, what do you prefer: apples or bananas?
colton: I prefer apples because they are natures candy.

and Savannah. again.

me: (on the subject of Love) I love you guys like you were my own kids.
savannah: We ARE your kids! And Miss Cracroft, I know why we don't all look alike.
me: Oh yeah? Why?
savannah: Because you got with one man and then you X-ed him. Then you got with another man and then you X-ed him. And you kept doing that.

life is good. reallllly good.