Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my masters of "quiet kids. your teacher is talking..."

3 years ago, i went back to school
because i wanted to become a teacher.
well, now that i am finally that teacher i set out to be
and i've learned my daily obligations,
i've come to realize what the true title of my degree is
(the one you don't see in the fine print):

Masters of Midget Wrangling
with an emphasis in:
(mine. not there's)

and i couldn't have been more proud
to officially receive that title.

no diploma?
oh, there it is...

(this one's to ensure you laughed today)

here's to 16 more days with my midgets!

Monday, May 2, 2011


definitely felt this way this morning.
here's to a better "can-do" attitude.

the nation's capitol...

spring break was in a word


a couple of my besties and i decided we were in need of a good vacay
and thought it would be fun to make a trek east
to our nation's capitol.
i can tell this teacher thing is getting to me
because instead of going to the beach for spring break for a little
rest and relaxation
i reallllly wanted to go somewhere where i'd learn something.
yeah, i was shocked too.
but i'm so glad i did. this trip was a blast,
and i couldn't have asked to spend it with better people.
(though, i wish more of the hunnies could have joined us.)

we totally hit up every single monument east of the potomac.

(this one was for my firsties...)

we rented these awesome bicycles
and cruised the streets of DC...
we "DCycled"
(brooke camit)
hello, potomac!
i also spent a little time with my
people in Richmond, VA!

while there, we visited VA Beach
and i fell in love with the beach houses.
loved spending time with these wonderful people!

(panda, will you send me YOUR pics?
you know which one i want most... wink, wink)
Here's to nerdy, educational vacays!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

i run for chocolate...

while training for this last half,
i discovered a trend of people advertising their reason for running.

i run for wine.
i run for beer.
i run for health.

so, i asked myself
"what does LINDSEY run for?"

to those of you who know me well,
this seems like a rhetorical question.
you're probably thinking there's only one of two things i run for:
chocolate OR diet coke.
and yes, you're correct.
i absolutely run for chocolate and diet coke.

but i've discovered another reason why i run.
perhaps the most important reason of them all
(though nothing in life can beat a good bite of chocolate or an ice cold diet coke)

these days folks,
i run for sanity!

my new teacher brain weighs down like a good game of Tetris these days.
the blocks just keep piling up, weighing me down, awaiting my defeat.
that's why i run.
to shake off those blocks, to clear my head,
to be able to start each day fresh, happy, and ready for anything
(and by anything, i mean wiping boogies, removing mysterious, gooey objects from desks, and explaining in a very non-violent way what happened to "that man, awesome-a" yesterday).

so, here's to running!
and to my bestie for finishing her first half!!
i'm so proud of you, SBJ!

time for round 2?