Thursday, August 25, 2011

to the boys of 639*...

(*just thought it was about time for an update, boys...
sorry for the delay.)

as the crowning event of summer 2011,
smash and I decided to have one last hurrah
and planned a trip to SoCal to visit our
old roomie and BFF Steph!

it was the perfect way to end the summer...

waiting forEVER for our rental car.
bonfire at Huntington
mama Steph and baby PJ
day trip to Balboa Island
if you're my sibling, you understand this...
paid a little visit to the Boyer residence...
(love you Janer!)
we took a little ride on the ferris wheel...
best $3 ever.
Friday night game at Dodger Stadium
and Dodger Dogs!

yes, it was that cold that night...
took a little "me date" to the temple on Sunday
and what Cali trip is complete without a trip to Sprinkles?
my favorite family ever.
miss you!
auntie jayner and PJ getting our cudds on...

thanks for the fun trip, S&S!
love you both!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i bet you never thought you'd see me again, did you?
(whoever YOU are these days. Nana.)
a few weeks ago, smash and i spent a few days visiting our cute friends Ilene and Eric in their hometown of

Seattle, Washington

and can i just say
i lawwwv it there.

here's a photo breakdown of our amazing trip...


space needle
(cause who doesn't want to be a real tourist, right?)
Pike Place... my heart's one true love.
we were riding a pig.
don't ask old men who don't blog to take your picture of you on a pig, cause they always forget to get the pig in the shot.
the Experience Music Project
Kirkland waterfront

snoqualmie falls
rattlesnake ridge hike

mount si hike
(pretty much on top of the world!)
mariner's game!

(those were our seats!!)
Seattle skyline

ferry to Kingston for clam digging
walking on fire in Aurora
(proof below. watch the vid!)

no burn on those feet!
Sunday =ed church, lunch, movies, and game night!


kayaking Lake Washington
at Agua Verde

and of course... the gum wall

i couldn't have asked for a better vacay.
thanks ilene and eric!
we LOVE you.