Saturday, March 26, 2011

the diary of a midget wrangler: lately

lately in Room 5,
we have been having WAY too much fun.
i thought it a crime to keep you out of the loop,
so here are some updates on the last month or so...

a couple of weeks ago was Teacher Appreciation Week,
or as I like to call it - delightful.
i have the SWEETEST parents who have really taken good care of me in my first year. they started the week off with a little surprise basket full of my "favorites!"
favorite drink: diet coke
favorite candy: chocolate covered cinnamon bears
favorite food: italian
favorite way to relax: a little pedi
aaannnddd, a little cash!
then, they made this darling poster for my bulletin board!
the theme was:
"look how we've grown!"
on each of the leaves of the flowers,
each of my babies wrote one thing they loved about me.
they were SO cute.

the week leading up to st. patty's day,
we had a little visitor sneak into our room and leave us a surprise.
this is what we got the first day:
he even toppled over a few books and left us some leprechaun dust.

the next day,
he left us a little present!
a cute shamrock for my door,
and some "magic leprechaun powder" for the kiddlets.
per his instructions,
we mixed the powder with a little milk until it turned into a tasty treat.
then we made a graph about whether or not we liked the "magic leprechaun powder."
the answer was a resounding "YES!"
on the actual day
he brought us our very own pot o' gold!
complete with lucky charms, a green airhead, and some gold coins.
last but not least,
i had to include these two pictures.
i don't know how much time my midgets spend on youtube, but apparently they get weird humor just as much as we adults do.
the best is the answer to question #3.
they laughed for a good 5 minutes straight.
(took us FOREVER to finish that test)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the diary of a midget wrangler: on the subject of love

last week,
as we were making color wheels out of play-doh,
i just happened to be passing by when
the following conversation took place:

sam: do you want to know what
(pauses, whispers)
making out is?
abby: (shaking her head in total disgust)
sam: (pausing, as if he were contemplating the consequences of telling her anyway, whispers)
it's kissing...
you're right Sam.
WAY better!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

random thoughts...

i have so many random thoughts today.
instead of making 7 different posts, i thought i'd compile them into one.
here we go.

memory. what is memory? and why don't i have one? why is it that i promise my best friend i'll go to dinner with her and then when she calls me the next day to ask when i can go i'm totally caught off guard? it's incredibly embarrassing when i attempt to discipline my students by telling them they are losing 5 minutes of recess and then when recess rolls around i hear them yell as they run down the hallway to freedom, "She forgot AGAIN!" i'm 25. dementia is NOT an option.

sugar. i haven't had any of it for 2 days straight. people, that is a BIG deal. let me paint the picture for those of you who care. this week is teacher appreciation week. for the last two days, i've been given unlimited diet coke, cookies, more chocolate covered cinnamon bears than i could consume in a month (my FAVORITE treat), chocolate covered almonds, 100 Grand bars, and then was served the most delicious lunch complete with ALL the desserts you could imagine. oh, and on top of that, it's Girl Scout Cookie month. my 2 boxes were delivered this week. they have both been successfully pawned. (at least i support the GSA organization). how have i survived you ask? LOTS of grapefruits, oranges, apples, granola, salads, and (shh) diet coke - hey, that sugar is artificial!

substitute teachers. who gave them the right to refuse subbing for my class because "those children are terrible little demons." lady, try walking a day in MY shoes. one day won't kill you.

full-time jobs. why are they so hard? and since when did i transition from a "fly by the seat of your pants" schedule to the old "ball-and-chain"? don't get me wrong. i love my job. if you ask my roommates or my immediate family, they will plead otherwise. but really, i do. i guess it's just that the honeymoon period is over and reality is setting in. and on top of that, my firsties aren't afraid of me any more. they've figured me out. they've learned that "losing 5 minutes of recess" really means "just shut up for 10 more minutes and i'll let you go, free of charge." they don't listen to me anymore. they don't care about what i have to say. and to tell you the truth, neither do i. BUT - i'm trying. i gave them the old "come to Jesus" talk and called us all to repentance. i told them today "i'm not playing this game anymore. i'm establishing consequences." they shaped right up. oh, and i lied to them and told them a leprechaun broke into our classroom last night and is watching their behavior for the next week. if they're good, he's bringing them a pot of gold. maybe that was it.

man, i could really go for some chocolate right about now.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the no-sugar challenge...

that's right.
i've put myself up to it.
and i'm making it public for the sake of making it real.

time frame: 30 days
(realistic goals equal realistic success)

the only out i'm giving myself: Sundays
(cause who can resist sugar on Sundays?)

commence challenge... Now!

Monday, March 7, 2011

somebody's turning 6...

to the cutest girl in VA!
i sure love you Rosie Rose!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

happy birthday...

dr. SEUSS!

thank you for being born.
i sure do love all of the red and white donuts and sugar cookies.