Monday, September 8, 2008

run for your life!

This summer I took on the mighty challenge of training for the Top of Utah Marathon in Logan next week - which I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'm ready to do. Out of that great challenge came a mighty miracle. My disgust and hatred towards running has blossomed into the most rewarding passion. And even if I don't drag myself thru the 26.2 miles that have been persistently staring me in the face since April, I can at least say I've gained a true love of running (as well as some ever-toning calves)!

My first race: the Salt Lake 10k
My first half marathon: the Provo River Half
And... my second half: the Salt Lake Half (with Keith's sister, Brittany!)


Amanda said...

Yea, for running! Cute pics... good luck next week with the marathon! Wow 26.2 miles!

Justin said...


Can I just say how SERIOUSLY impressed I am? From a bro to a sis, you look super good, too! It's fun to find a healthy passion, idn't it! I'm falling in love with biking all over again... just in time for it to get cold. :( Oh well! One more reason to look forward to spring!


Becky Mahana said...

Spandex...So hot this season.