Tuesday, February 17, 2009

dear, oh dear...

Dear American Idol,
     Yay for another year. I'm loving every minute of Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes. You rock my world.

Dear Jason - the Bachelor,
     Please pick Melissa. Molly will only break your heart!

Dear Sarah Beth,
     Thanks for dropping your phone in your cereal today. That made my day complete. I mean, as long as your phone is still working. Loves sister.

Dear Winter,
     Go away. Right now.

Dear Subway,
     Your cookies are sooo good. Mmmm!

Dear Body,
     When are you going to recognize that eating healthy plus exercise equals weight loss? Do I need to explain it in more detail?

Love, Me

1 comment:

Sarah Beth said...

Dear Lindsey Jayne,
You are very welcome for dropping my phone in my cereal. Definitely a first, I'm glad you were there to share the moment with me!