Saturday, February 5, 2011

the diary of a midget wrangler: part 1...

i don't know what it is this week,
but my little minions have been on a roll.
they have been saying things that i can't help but laugh out loud about,
they have been drawing things that crack me up,
and they are apparently having relationships with each other that go behind my back...

exhibit a:
i found this gem on the floor the other day after school...
(please notice the faces on these stick figures before you scroll to the next photo)

exhibit b:
i'm so glad my students notice the bright colored nail polish that i've been rockin'.
oh, and apparently the purple contacts too...
exhibit c:
this child needs to be taught the difference between blonde and brunette.
or perhaps she's hinting at something...?
and exhibit d:
how could you not fall in LOVE with this guy?
my dream-boy has finally come along...
and lest we forget their candid verbage:

savannah: (at the end of a very stressful day) Miss Cracroft, have you found a man to love yet?
me: Oh Savannah, i sure have been looking. Do you know anyone?
savannah: ohhhhh yes!
(she's currently working on setting us up)

me: (working on the vocabulary word prefer) Colton, what do you prefer: apples or bananas?
colton: I prefer apples because they are natures candy.

and Savannah. again.

me: (on the subject of Love) I love you guys like you were my own kids.
savannah: We ARE your kids! And Miss Cracroft, I know why we don't all look alike.
me: Oh yeah? Why?
savannah: Because you got with one man and then you X-ed him. Then you got with another man and then you X-ed him. And you kept doing that.

life is good. reallllly good.


Brooke said...


I would like to adopt miss savannah. or at least hope my own kids will be that funny. that's all.

Amanda said...


...and then you x-ed him! These KIDS!!!??? Love that you are writing all this down!