Sunday, May 1, 2011

i run for chocolate...

while training for this last half,
i discovered a trend of people advertising their reason for running.

i run for wine.
i run for beer.
i run for health.

so, i asked myself
"what does LINDSEY run for?"

to those of you who know me well,
this seems like a rhetorical question.
you're probably thinking there's only one of two things i run for:
chocolate OR diet coke.
and yes, you're correct.
i absolutely run for chocolate and diet coke.

but i've discovered another reason why i run.
perhaps the most important reason of them all
(though nothing in life can beat a good bite of chocolate or an ice cold diet coke)

these days folks,
i run for sanity!

my new teacher brain weighs down like a good game of Tetris these days.
the blocks just keep piling up, weighing me down, awaiting my defeat.
that's why i run.
to shake off those blocks, to clear my head,
to be able to start each day fresh, happy, and ready for anything
(and by anything, i mean wiping boogies, removing mysterious, gooey objects from desks, and explaining in a very non-violent way what happened to "that man, awesome-a" yesterday).

so, here's to running!
and to my bestie for finishing her first half!!
i'm so proud of you, SBJ!

time for round 2?


jane said...

you two look great! go linds and sar!

i miss you both!

and, i ditto your call that you run for chocolate & DC...something's got to motivate us...right?

Heather said...

whatever you're reasoning may be, you definitely inspire me to get out there and hit the pavement! way to go on the 1/2, good luck at WB!