Friday, June 6, 2008

another East High Grad!

Park-face graduated on Wednesday, and half of the Cracroft crew got to sit through the entire two hours of boringness. Jon and I played the squiggle game, and I gave him the old school slaughtering in the "dot game"... He deserved it. His squiggle pictures were way cooler than mine. Mom and Dad watched with pride as their last baby walked down the stairs of Abravanel Hall graduating from Dear Old East High. And I'm pretty sure that Nana and Papa slept peacefully through the whole event. Needless-to-say, it was exciting! Congrats, Parks!

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Amanda said...

Ahh, Parker... a graduate!

Lou, let me tell you... i'm so excited that you have entered this wonderful world of blogging!!

i can't wait to see the many wonderful posts you'll have... What fun!

love ya dearly...

PS have fun Thursday and on... love panda