Wednesday, June 18, 2008

lifetime at a glance...

Twenty years ago... 1988
2 years old

1. My birthday party at Godfather's Pizza: I wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll. I got a black one. I'm sure glad my parents introduced me to ethnic differences at such a young age.
2. At this point, I was probably learning to be friends with the toilet...
3. Or taking baths with my shirt pulled over my head, claiming I had long, striped hair... wish I had a picture to prove it.

Ten years ago... 1998
12 years old

1. I started 7th grade at Clayton Middle School. This is when I learned that my arch-rival, Jaime Toronto, was actually a really cool girl, and instead of being insanely jealous of her good looks and massive popularity, little did I know that we would eventually become best friends later down the road!
2. I played the "Buttermilk Girl" in Meet Me In St. Louis. I was mad that I wasn't a lead like Chairty Eyre or Alison Ward. Apparently I really enjoyed center stage.
3. I had the worlds biggest crush on Alex Duncan. I think I even registered for Student Government just so I would have a class with Clayton's sexy Student Body President.

Five years ago... 2003
17 years old

1. Starting my Senior Year of high school - totally in love with Tom Lund, spending every extra moment crusin in the Pickle, and reeking havoc over all of the 801!
2. Cheering at football games, putting together halftimes, stressing out over singing the National Anthem at the Junior Choir/Jazz Band concert. Ooo, I hate that memory.
3. Lake Powell with the Cooks and Paulsens. Staying up all night talking to Candace and Parker about the many mysteries of life. ahhh. That was livin.

Three years ago... 2005
19 years old

1. Moved to Hawaii to start my independent life away from the SLC. Playing with Jaime all over the island of Oahu.
2. Getting a job at American Eagle... working for the man!
3. Sending JB out to the mission field, and watching all of the boys take off for the next two years!

One year ago... 2007
21 years old

1. Nannying the Barth kids in the morning and spending the rest of the afternoon at the pool, "training for a triathlon".
2. Going to Hogle Zoo with Parker and Will, the Barth kids, and my niece and nephew. Oh, the countless days spent at the zoo.
3. Finally making the big move down to P-town!

So far this year... 2008
22 years old

1. Working at Sandstrom Architecture. Not really sure what I'm doing here (as I'm currently at work typing this blog).
2. Graduated from BYU with a degree in Home and Family!
3. Pursuing my dream to become a wedding florist. I've done two weddings already!!

Yesterday... June 17th

1. Woke up on the most beautiful lake in all the world after 5 days of living on a houseboat, wakeboarding my life away, and eating my weight in M&M's.
2. Drove the lengthy 5.5 hours from Lake Powell to Provo, Utah in the back of Aaron's little baby Acura on the lap of a beautiful man named Keith.
3. Ate Fazoli's and attempted to watch Pirates of the Carribean, only to fall asleep at 10:30pm, exhausted from the hot Lake Powell sun.
Happy Taco Tuesday!

Today... June 18th

1. Woke up bright and early at 7:30 am.
2. Stopped by the bank on the way to work to cash a check and discover that while I was in Lake Powell, my rent check was cashed and I hadn't transferred proper funds to cover it... I hate those overdraft charges!
3. I've been sitting at work, playing on the computer, and watching the clock tick slowly away - I can't wait to go home to SLC and see my family!

Tomorrow... June 19th

1. I need to go the grocery store. I'm not sure how long I can survive on a box of granola and a bag of pretzels.
2. Write a "Thank You" note to the dear Crossley family for providing the best 5-day vacation in a long time!
3. Drive to SLC for a birthday dinner for Heather Ann!

Next year... 2009!

1. Have a well-established wedding floral company.
2. Have traveled to Europe!
3. Hopefully not working from paycheck to paycheck, but be self-sufficient in my own business!

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Amanda said...

YEA! you did the tag! Awesome, fun to take a trip down memory lane... hope your day ticks a little faster... it sounds like you had a FAB time at Powell... can't wait to hear more about it!

hugs, Panda