Friday, April 16, 2010

a trip to the east... celebrate the end of a long 8 months of student teaching, i met up with my mom and jonny in Richmond to surprise the darling Mini Cracroft's who, for the last few months, i have been missing more than i can explain. it was the best adventure i could have asked for.

these two are the most darling couple.
8 years later and they're still completely in love...
rosie rose, the love of my life.
if i could spend every single day with this one, i would.
will, my little soda monster.
he's the sweetest boy in the entire world.
some girl's gonna be really lucky to get him some day.
and baby brinners...
the most angelic baby a person could hope for.
she's gonna break a lot of hearts, this one.
thanks for the fun times guys...
... i sure love you!!

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Amanda said...

this post made me cry!

I can't even tell you how WONDERFUL it was to see you! I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!