Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a little light reading...

this embarrassing display is what is currently on my nightstand.
you're probably asking yourself,
"what's so embarrassing about that, Linds?"
well, i will tell you...
i've started each of these books with excitement and devotion.
i've also heartlessly left each single one after reaching halfway, too excited to start another one.
the most recently acquired and most recently ditched?
Cannery Row.

i think i have a problem with, shall we say, finishing what i start?
uhhhhh... yep.


Brooke said...

Umm I need your book list. I have't even gotten as far as purchasing non-academic books to read! New summer reads, plus motivation to both read them...hmm? :)

Amanda said...

ahh. i have the same problem. with crafts too. it's bad. i've got Dear John on my list as well... did you like the first half?

Amanda said...

i got it. i'll read the second half of all these books... and we'll compare notes!

Jared and Jesse said...

I have the problem of I won't even start books because I won't stop reading until I finish. Even if that means going without sleep. As far as the books I could see there, I didn't care for Dear John, The Last Song was much better. I haven't gotten to Remembering Isaac yet. We need to catch up! Text me when works for you!

Justin said...

Sistah! We are cut from the same cloth. You may not believe it, but this very day, I walked out to my car on my lunch break and had a thought along these very lines.

I happened to be carrying a book that I am more than half way through. I came to this realization: "I start many good books, but I only finish the GREAT ones."

What a liberating moment! Say it outloud! Personally, I now feel accomplished, in a wise-with-my-time sort of way, rather than a failure for leaving things undone.

That's my thought on the subject!