Wednesday, October 6, 2010

another day as a midget wrangler...

(okay, i know this photo is a little blurry, but it's hilarious...)

last Thursday, i took my 23 surrogates
out to recess a few minutes early
because they were being SO obnoxious
and i could not shut them up.
(oh, side note: i was also on recess duty that day.)

well, after recess, my little abby
(remember abby here)
says to me:
"Miss Cracroft, I made this drawing for you
while we were at recess.
it's YOU!"

i look at the drawing and this conversation follows:

me: "oh abby, i LOVE it. look at the slides! oh and the swings!
oh, and look at my face. what a lovely beard i have!"
abby (with a sudden drop of enthusiasm): "that's not a beard."
me: "oh. of course it's not... umm, what is it?"
abby: "it's your smile!"

my smile really isn't that big, people.
but i think, for just that one moment that day,
it really was...

love my job!!


Ashley said...

hahaha sooo darling! good thing she didn't think it was a zit ;)

Amanda said...

AWWwwwwwwWWW! That is tender!