Tuesday, September 21, 2010

you know you've got one foot in the grave when...

so teaching 1st grade is really teaching me
to find the joy and humor in the simple things in life.

yesterday, i was reading a story about school "then and now,"
explaining to my kiddos that going to school is a lot different
now then it was years and years ago.

the following conversation took place:

miss c: "So, today we are going to be reading a story
that will help us compare the
differences between school today
and school a long, long time ago."
abby: "Oh yeah! Like in the 1980's?"
miss c: "Yeaaaaah, Abby. Exactly. Like the in the 1980's..."
way to go, 80's babies.
we've officially graduated to "ancient" status.


Jared and Jesse said...

hahaha! how did you not die laughing. Oh man kids really do say the craziest things!

Panda said...

Oh, cute little ones! I bet they hit you with funny things like that ALL day long! (miss you)