Wednesday, November 10, 2010

swanky saturday sports...

so last weekend was full of some
wonderful sporting events.

it all started with my plea for a seat to the
Utah/TCU game.
i worked really hard to find myself a ticket
(ended up paying WAY too much for it)
but made it to the game.
and yes, it was a TERRIBLE game
but we stayed til the bitter end and cheered our Utes on until our voices were gone.
nothing can rob me of my Ute pride.

as soon as the game ended,
we loaded the car and headed to the Jazz game for 4th row seats behind the Clippers bench.
the 4th period was INTENSE...
we went into a double OT to win it by two!

and this guy...
just the COOLEST dancer in the entire crowd.
his name is Greg and I want to be his friend.
oh, and dear Jazz,
stop playing with our hearts.
we know you have the talent.
stop making us wait til the fourth to show it.
love, me

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