Wednesday, December 3, 2008

something to sing about...

It's Amanda's Birthday!
Happy 26th (errr, 27th), Panda!

5 Reasons why I love this girl:
1. She the worlds BEST mother!
2. She can quote any line from any movie ever made...Ever!
3. She'll leave her husband and children at home and party all night for good movie premieres.
4. She can make any dull thing into a crafty masterpiece!
5. She's the most thoughtful and caring person I think I've ever met!

Love you, Lady!


Amanda said...

Thanks Linds! Thanks for making my day brighter!! love ya!

Amanda said...

Ooo... I love you even more for making me 1 year younger!! (sad news, i'm actually 27 today...) Shh, but don't tell anyone... lets just let everyone think i'm 26!!!)