Sunday, December 14, 2008

sweet treats and sweet dreams...

December is definitely the month of sweets, and this month I have had my fair share of visits from the Sugar Plum Fairy. Daddy Dave has had me dipping his all-time famous pretzels, keeping our little home smelling like the holidays. And I recently took on the adventurous task of decorating my very own gingerbread house. Theme - The Animal House: Bug Addition. Very Christmasy, I know. Not my idea, but completely entertaining.

The task ahead...
Dippin' Away
The Animal House: Bug Addition and
the candy assortment
...and post. Notice the worms crawling
in and out of the shingles and the frog walkway.
Yes. I call that true artistry.

Silent Night, Holy Night... Apparently Auntie Lou and Uncle Jonny have the golden thumb when it comes to putting kids to sleep. In the middle of our intense game of Catch Phrase, these cute little kiddos crawled right into our arms and fell asleep to the sound of our inquiring shouts. Caitlin looks dead, but I assure you she was just sleeping. 

I love being an aunt!
Cute Johnny and Will
I heart my family!

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Amanda said...

How cute you are!! I love the bug house... very creative. Ah... you are a darling Auntie... and you DO have the magic touch for putting them to sleep and keeping them entertained... C and W are never that good for us in church... your awesome!love you!