Wednesday, January 13, 2010


hola! mi nombre es Lindsey y te quiero Mexico!

well, the Cracroft Christmas was yet again a perfect success. we ended up building 3 homes in 4 days and delivered 16 blankets to various families in the town. my cute 2nd graders tied 32 fleece blankets as part of our service project this year, delivering half of them to Primary Children's and half to the people of Puerto Penasco. the people LOVED the blankets and i fell in LOVE with the people!! if you can't find me around these parts after graduation, you can find me in my new pad down south.
shanners came along.
and jon. and dustin.
and we sure love this place!
on the way down, we got caught in a bit of Christmas traffic at the damn Dam. but a pretty epic view of the dam at night. courtesy of Juan.
we played soccer with the local yokels...

greatest construction manager EVER!

and there it is... one of the finest houses you'll ever see.
and now onto the people with whom i fell in love:

...and his dog, Fifi!
The Barragon Family!!
This cute family...
Javier's family:
The OTHER Javier's Family.
Those boys are the cutest kids.
and then this is how we spent New Years...
Jose was the best "rapper" we found...
and who doesn't LOVE mango pops?
he sure does!
oh, but wait. there's more.
on our way across the border back to the "other side" i happened upon this awesome tortuga. appropriately named Tommy the Tattle Turtle.
Tommy is our new 2nd grade class moto from the story "The Tortoise and the Hare."
"Slow and steady goes to college!"

Feliz Anos Nuevo, yo!!!


Amanda said...

Great pics. I esp. love the ones of the families holding the blankets you and your kids made. You are so giving linds! LOVE YOU! Thank you for your great example!

and ps. i hear Mexico calling my name! :)

Ashley said...

love the pics!! Lets go to a beach asap.