Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another roadtrip well done...

man, this weekend was such a delight.
an exclusive get-away to Alton, UT, snowshoeing, sledding, Wii playing, movie watching, eating, cuddling, sleeping - the list goes on.
thanks, brookie cookie, for yet another "epic" adventure!

4' walls of snow... can it get better?

these girls are my heart's desire!

sinking in the treacherous powder...
... and then being saved.

okay, and for the record... this (or one of it's kind) will be the next member of my family!

this was our nasty spill when our 6 person, mexican sledding-train spun out of control, tangling us in a cold, snowy heap.
we lit an old cabin on fire. and it was awesome!

Thanks again for a fabulous weekend, my peeps.
CHEERS to another stellar adventure!


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