Thursday, September 23, 2010

fallen for fall...

i know i've said that July is my favorite month of the year,
but for sure my most favorite season is FALL!
september.... oohhhhhh september!
there is nothing more beautiful than the colors of fall.

sunday, jonny and i took a little trip up Guardsman Pass
to document the beauty of Utah mountains in the fall.

we had a good time hanging out in the Beems.
i brought home a souvenir
and it's made our home feel so warm and cozy.
happy fall, ya'll!


Brooke said...

Linds you're way too cute, I love your festive self...I misssss those fall mountains so much!!!

nicole hatfield said...

soooo gorgeous. i wish az had a "fall" season

Panda said...

Ooooooh! Amazing colors already! Beautiful time of year...(fall doesn't hit VA till about 2nd week in OCT!) But it's ALMOST HERE! yayayaya!