Monday, September 13, 2010

the ultimate survival package...

i was showered with love today by my favorite people in the whole world!
i couldn't feel more loved than i do right now...
the mini Cra's sent me a cute little
1st grade "Survival Package"
amanda, you always seem to know just what i need.

JIF to go cups (my FAVORITE snack)
a journal for recording my favorite 1st grade banter.
chocolate covered anything... in this case, berries.

and my absolute most favorite part...
i don't know about ya'll, but that's the cutest thing
i've ever seen.
it's my "class pet!"
amanda made it all by herself,
and from recycled material too.
my favorite are the arms and legs... made from Will's old baby shirt.
makes the SL-Richmond gap seem a whole lot smaller.

oh, and i can't forget...
they sent me some tea and hot chocolate... to fill those silly mugs i keep getting.
thanks, pand!
the tea is deeeelish!
i'm all rejuvenated for another day.
love you mucho...


Ashley said...

I saw that package come and thought it had to be something amazing! So so darling!!

Amanda said...

YAY! I'm so glad you like everything!! The Class PET... was SO much fun to make... it just made me smile...

i forgot to tell you Will and Caitlin gave him/her a hug before we put it in the box... so when you hug him/her it's like hugging your two favorite little ones...

(and thanks for taking a pictures because i was so excited to get it off to you... i forgot! that's SO not like me...)

HUGS,HUGS, HUGS! love ya! (but you already know that!)

Justin said...

True how much we love you, Lou! Can't wait to hear of the class pet's adventures!

Lauren Parker said...

i want that stuffed animal!! sooo cute ahh!