Sunday, May 3, 2009

my five year plan... complete!

Since before I could remember, I've been a sucker for Broadway musicals. I guess I can thank my mom and dad for raising me on Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. Well, long, long ago, somebody amazing (I don't remember who it was) gave me a copy of the most incredible Broadway music I had ever heard, and I wish I knew who to thank. It was a story all about the witches from Oz way before Dorothy came into the picture. 
At the time, the show had only been on Broadway for a year or two. I was only 17, and poor as a... well, as poor as I am today. I would have done anything to get a flight to New York and tickets in the very back of the balcony to see this show. But alas, zero dinero in the bank.
A couple of years later, I got wind that Wicked was playing in San Francisco. Flights to San Fran from the 801 weren't too expensive, and the tickets to the show were somewhere in the $250 range. I figured I could splurge and spend $500 dollars of my hard earned Ruby River cash, if I took every shift for the next 5 years. Well, I didn't really want to work at Ruby River for five years, and was sort of hoping to spend a little quality time in Hawaii. 

Well, fast-forward 4 years. I'm sitting at work at the good old Kingsbury Hall and I'm looking through a flyer we had from Broadway Across America. And much to my surprise... WICKED!!!! 
Coming to Salt Lake City in 2009!! 
OMG. OMG. OMG. was all I could think. I HAD to go. Well tickets didn't go on sale to the public for another 7 or 8 months, aaaaand to make a really long story short... I bought tickets.
And four months later...

It arrived!!!

Yes, it was the best night of my life! Thanks, Mom. For sharing in my 5 year plan.
(Boo! AH!)


Candace & Winston said...

isn't it amazing!?! i'm so glad you got to see it!

Erin and Aaron said...

oh! i can only image! you totally sang along to every song didn't you??

"llaaaa llaaaaa llaaaa la."

Ashley said...

Oh Linds I'm sooo glad you were able to go!! I went w/my mom & was wonderful!! And can you believe I had never heard the music before seeing it? I love it. miss you!!

Kali Judkins said...

Soooooooooo fun!!!

How were your finals in Education? I am very curious to know!

dallin and sarah said...

i'm still singing the music!!!