Friday, June 5, 2009

home sweet... home?

moving home definitely has its benefits. but with every pro comes, well, MANY cons. let's analyze...

Pro: You don't have buy your own groceries anymore!
Con: You are subject to eat whatever your parent's decide (or don't decide) to buy. 

Pro: You get your own bathroom!
Cons: Your dad thinks it's funny to sneak up on you while you're washing your face and scare you by making your mirror move and poking his head in, then walk away cackling like an old, lonely witch.
           Your dad likes to use your bathroom when he's downstairs, leaving "missed shots" all over your once clean toilet

Pro: You're finally old enough to purchase and use your own decorations...
Con: You're dad comes into your room and analyzes every flame on every candle and scolds you like a child by saying "just make sure you don't burn our house down"

Pro: You get the basement to yourself!
Cons: Your dad's office is still in the basement, and on those days he decides to work from home, you get to listen to his redundant, overbearing conversations with potential clients all morning 
           Your parents are so bored upstairs that they frequent the basement more than 10 times a day, hoping to make conversation about any boring topic while you're trying to study, read, or my favorite... be alone!

...aww! it's so nice to be home.

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dallin and sarah said...

the benefits of living at home....i feel for ya sister! just remember, free rent! yipeeeee! if i was there i would come over and play. all the time.