Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a true story...

Ahhh, the first camp-out of the Summer!

The former ladies of the Aves took a trip up to our rustic cabin in the woods this weekend for a little R&R...
But was 6 girls alone in the mountains really a good idea?

The story begins here:
As we all sat around the fire pit dealing out "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who would have to be responsible for starting the fire,
our trusty Brownie Scout, Brooke, explained that starting a fire is simple.
All we needed was one tampon and a match. 
Six girls? No problem. And we already had our match.

None of us really believed her, but much to our chagrin...
There she is, in all her feminine hygiene glory!
(I'm in the pic cause I just wanted the credit)
So our two course meal began with the eversoclassic HotDog.
Little did we know, Kris hates this mystery meat. So, she almost got away with scarffing one down. But then... Shanna reminded us of the time we went to Huntington Beach, roasted dogs, and then forced her to try her first. Surprisingly, she liked it!
So... Karissa suffered the same fate.
She, however, didn't feel the same.
Ashley and Brooke enjoy a good dog every now and then, 
and gave our roasting abilities 5 stars!
To finish off our meal, we ended with the traditional Mallow Roast-Off.
We had to come up with the most creative way to roast our mallows.
The winner won the honor of getting to put out the fire... Lucky!
In my attempt to win, I seared two eye-sized holes in my mallows so that when I stuck my head in the fire to roast them, I could see when they were a nice, toasty brown.

Okay, that part was a lie.
To conclude our story, I was supposed to label these mallows to represent each of us fine campers. However, I am lazy and don't feel like doing it.
So, I'll leave it up to the imagination of the reader.
(But just for good merit, I'm the brownest one on top...)
The End.

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Brooke said...

love love love. we need to do this again. and if we ever feel like venturing down south a few hours, my parents said we're always welcome to play at their cabin too :)