Wednesday, June 10, 2009

you know you love...

...the dentist!
I mean, who doesn't? I went in for my cleaning yesterday after missing my 6-month appointment six months ago, and guess who had a little baby cavity growing in her back molar? (dang diet coke with cherry and vanilla) After braving the shot that went into my left cheek, I thought I was golden. My dentist is so good and gets me so numb that I never feel any sort of nasty drilling.
He must have been in a bit of a hurry today.
I felt EVERY grind, and EVERY drill digging out that blasted cavity (goodbye diet coke with cherry and vanilla). And then after he was finished filling that sucker, my face was totally and completely numb. Bad timing I guess.
(notice the over-bulging of the left side of my cheek. no muscle control!)
But at least I had Edward to keep me company while I waited for the numbness to go away (four hours later). 
...sometimes going to the dentist is worth it
when you get to spend all morning cuddled in bed
listening to the rain.
maybe i won't give up the dc with cherry and vanilla.


dallin and sarah said...

don't give it up. it's not worth it.

Amanda said...

Edward is the perfect boyfriend, he's always there for you when you need him! (well, except in the next movie/book. ha.)

Sorry about your tooth. Mouth pain is THE WORST! esp those dang shots... eeeehhhhkkk. i can feel it just thinking about it.

...and don't give up the 'sip'... Sarah is right, it's not worth it.