Monday, August 2, 2010

adventures in Sierra Lima Charlie...

how could anybody not love the summer?
the past couple of months i've begun to realize that i really did choose the right profession.
having summers off with time to play and travel
(all while being paid)...?
umm, yes please!

this summer has been no exception.
though i've been up to my eyeballs in work, preparing for the coming school year, i've been grateful to have found time to get in some serious fun.

here are just a few of the crazy adventures of the past week:

brad took Smash and I flying over the south tip of Utah Lake.
and it was amazing!

the girls got together for one more hurrah while brooke was in town and before cute Steph took off to Cali.
LOVE YOU STEPH! Miss you already...
then the crew got together for a little homemade pizza, pizookie, and Invictus.
not to mention some ultimate pranking.

and on Sunday,
the Cracroft Crew rendezvoused at the cabin for a little R&R.

three weeks to go...
i'm sure gonna miss you, summer.


Ashley said...

cute pics!! I will miss it too. Let's ROCK August!

Justin said...

OH how we miss the cabin... since we can't use our "reward miles" for Christmas, a summer 2011 trip to the 801 is already in the works!