Friday, August 6, 2010

the summer of too many goodbyes...

i'm not a fan of what the end of summer is bringing me.
and i'm not a fan of growing up.
it feels like my circle of friends keeps getting
smaller and smaller and smaller...
and i know they'll always be there regardless of where "there" actually is,
but it's been sad to have to say goodbye
and to feel the pain of growing up.

brooke was the first to bid us adieu.
she took a big girl job in advertisement.
Detroit, Michigan
then this one in the middle; that's Steph.
steve got into med. school and took steph with him... not cool.
Fullerton, California
these two leave us in just another month or so.
Eric got himself a big-boy job.
Seattle, Washington
and then there's this one.
the one who shares all of her Cafe Rio runs with me.
she's off with her hubby to law school.
Denver, Colorado
i guess now with my recent increase in salary
(thank you Granite School District),
i have my fair share of places to visit.

love you ALL!

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