Monday, August 23, 2010

welcome to Room 5...

well, folks... today was the day!
and I just gotta say
i have the BEST friends and family in the world!
Thanks to everyone who called to let me know of their support today.
i couldn't have felt more support on such an important day.

although it's 10:45 at night and i'm not finished planning for tomorrow,
i wanted to post these before and after pics so you could see the fun changes that have taken place in the new home I call "Teacha Pad 005"

the "Computer Corner"

the "Literacy Library"

our "News Center"

our lovely bathroom/sink area
(smells divine...)

i'm not sure why, but the kids call these their "lockers"
Ha... goofballs.

and the "don't touch anything. this is MY space" corner

these DARLING surprises were delivered to my room
during our morning writing time.
thank you to the sweetest people in the world!!
(you know who you are...)
and here's what's on the menu for tomorrow:
"Counting the ABC's" with Alpha-Bits. Yum!
okay. i think it's time for bed.


the jolleys said...

hooray for an adorable room! i already love teacha pad 005!!!

Erica said...

pretty sure i am dying. what a cute room! i hope one day owen can have a darling teacher like you!!

Brooke said...

hip hip hooray!!! I love it all, you've done such a great job with teach pad 005 :)

Candace & Winston said...

You are the coolest teacher ever! Have you decided on the class pet yet??? hehe love you!

Amanda said...

CUTE ROOM! I love all the darling changes you've made!!!

Nate and Steph Payne said...

lindsey you are so cute! your classroom looks like a ton of fun. i wish i could be in your class.