Monday, August 2, 2010

going for the triple threat...

july really proved to be a good month.
i knew it would.
(it always does...)

but this year, july really rocked.
i committed myself to whipping my body into shape
by reshaping my exercise habits.

i signed up for my favorite race of the year.
the Pioneer Day 10k.
it felt so good beating my previous finish times.
i love this race
because it's always full of so many familiar faces.

i renewed my pool pass and have gotten myself back into swimming.
i swam an entire summer a few years back, and i had never felt so good.
so, i decided it was time to revisit the past
and get back into swim shape.
(i wish i could say i rock the pool like this chick...)
but then, the crowning moment of summer, completing the triple threat...
i am SO excited to get on this sucker and cruise up the mountain with my mom and bro.
they've promised to coach me all the way,
and Jon even said he'd whip me into shape for a
Sprint Tri this fall.
i'm not making any promises,
but that would be AMAZING!

haha... yeah.


Brooke said...

ahh your new bike is so pretty! linds you inspire me.

Ashley said...

its a beauty!!!

Justin said...

SIS! One word: sweet! (Not to be confused with its alter ego = "sweets;" quite the opposite.)

You are MY inspiration. I've been thinking of hopping the fence of our HOA pool before sunrise to swim laps; I figure if they catch me, I can at least argue that "I'm a paying member; it's not my fault the pool hours are too narrow." And I'm tempted to sell my mountain bike to offset the cost of a road bike!