Saturday, November 29, 2008

weekend madness...

The weekend was a party! Here's a recap of what down at 2149:

Parkie Poo made it official and received his endowment Friday night, and the whole dang family got to go - minus me. So, I volunteered to watch my two favorite people in the world while their parents joined in the fun. Caitles, Will, and I made pizza and watched Wall-E... twice! And then Caitlin stole my camera and had her own little photo sesh. She took a picture of everything in my house. And then she came up to me and said, "Will you take a picture of me? I want to say cheese." So this is what the finished product was. 
My favorite moment was when we pulled up to my house (which she's never been to) and said "Is this your house? Oh, cuuuuute." Awww, I just love her!

Friday Night
After the kiddos were picked up by their parental units, Me, Sarah, and a couple of our friends took a trip down to see the lights. 
Opening night = Crowded!! Whoa... Not recommended. But it was so pretty. Love that place, and love this girl!

Sarah and I got together with a bunch of her high school friends and reenacted our first playdate with each other at Energy Solutions! We partied it up with the Jazz as they sacrificed their winning streak to the Nets... of ALL teams. Seriously. 

Last year, Sarah and I went to the Jazz game and had 5th row seats, right behind the basket... We won a whole bunch of garb, made BFF's with the ushers, got our pic taken on the court, post-game, and were on the jumbotron... twice! And this year...

...yeah, not so much!

Yeah, it was a good weekend. 


Becky Mahana said...

Oooohhhh, the wonderful days of living free and easy!! Must be nice! Live it up while you can!!

Amanda said...

Aww. I'm glad the kiddo's where good for you... and that you enjoyed your time together! can't thank you enough for all you do and all that you are to my kids. they...(and I) Love you SOO SOO SOOOOOO Much! Hip Hip Horay for Antie Lou!

grace & jonny said...

Linds, I think that's where we sat for the 'NSYNC concert those many years ago!