Monday, November 24, 2008

the return of my obsession...

... with TWILIGHT!

Yes, it's back. Last summer, when the books were getting really popular, I became your typical fanatic, running to the closest Borders and spending $50 on all three books, and I could be found various places around my apartment having a romantic love affair with Edward and Jacob at random times during the day. And with the release of the movie this weekend (saw it twice in 36 hours), that obsession has returned. I have to admit, I never finished Eclipse (the 3rd book - for those of you normal people out there) and I haven't read Breaking Dawn (the 4th). So... I pulled out the books again, and here we go. However, I'm reading it with new eyes this time around because I must admit, I thought that Edward was so freaking inconsistent and Jacob was this dark dream boy. Well, I guess I didn't understand exactly why Edward was the way he was, and now I think that Jacob is annoyingly pushy. So, round 2 has been way more exciting... and doubly oober romantic. Mmmmm, Edward, you melt me.

At the 12:30 am premiere with Amanda. Yes, we had a party, and yes, we made buttons.
Getting pumped... in my soccer mom sweat suit.
And this is what my bed-stand looks like now. 
I no longer read just one book at a time. And yeah, the scriptures are on top for a reason.
(pictures courtesy of Miss Amanda... Mahalo!)

"... You are my life now!" (sigh)


Sarah Beth said...

I'm so glad you feel the same way about Jacob. Can't stand him. Hooray for obsession! Love the new layout by the way!

Amanda said...

I LOVE it. I jumped on the band wagon last night and started Twilight again! It's fun to re-read it with the actors and movie in mind. hehehehe.

Me + Twilight = Happiness!

J's taking me to see the movie again for my birthday! Yea!!! :)