Tuesday, November 25, 2008

22 in review...

(Disclaimer: Sarah, i'm fully aware that I stole this from you. The credit is all yours...)
10 full days at 23 years old and the ticker's still tickin'. 

Here's 22 in review!

Funniest memory while 22:
Playing Xtreme Karaoke with the Barkers, Christmas 07!
I'm still laughing! 

Best decision made while 22:
To get my butt in gear and become a runner! 4 races in 1 summer had me high as a kite. Best legal drug out there - Endorphins!

Favorite hobby while 22:
Learning the master and art of floral design...

Worst decision while 22:
Forgetting to laugh, everyday!

Favorite memory while 22:
Staying up all night with J&T on Till's couch, laughing about everything!
The marrieds vs. me - oh my!

Best decision made while 22:
Graduating! and returning to the 801!

Most valuable lesson learned while 22:
There is no set path. Just follow your heart!

What'd ya got, 23? Bring it!!

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Amanda said...

This was a really cute post! (great idea Sarah!)

Love the new look for your blog. Beautiful flowers!